Lightroom Preset – Morning Blue

This little gem comes from a recent trip to I took to New York and the beautiful mornings I spent there shooting around the Madison Square Garden area in mid-town. I love the blue hue that casts over the shadows in the morning light.

So I’m bringing this mood to you for use in your own images. I’m really having a lot of fun with this one. It just changes the entire look and feel of my images – a very special preset to have in your arsenal for sure.

Now … here’s the goods!


Morning Blue is included in the XEQUALS Bundle.

Brandon Oelling

Hi there! I'm Brandon Oelling, the founder of XEQUALS. My team and I believe deep in our hearts that inside every one of us is an amazing photographer. Our mission is to help you navigate your journey with the XEQUALS platform.

  1. Thanks for sharing this is a great site and your vision wonderful — love the presets that make me long for film days!

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