Setting The Table With XEQUALS Color for Photoshop

So you’re got your XEQUALS Color for Photoshop ACR Presets sitting on your machine, and you’re ready to rock right? Good! Let’s get down to business. If you’ve downloaded the product, and unzipped them to your favorite folder, you should have something like this: You should see the following files: 54 total (.xmp) files XEQUALS-adobe-camera-raw-installation.txt […]

Prep, Print, Sell

In our previous Maker Series post, we claimed that the future of photography isn’t just about the screen – and we still assert that to differentiate yourself, you need to go well beyond Instagram likes and clicks. It’s coming back full circle to being about MAKING ACTUAL THINGS with your work – and that includes […]

The Step-By-Step Guide To Photography Style (Part 1)

“Oh God! Everybody’s doing what I’m doing!” It was  2005, and I’d just made the transition to digital after years of shooting film, and started working towards making a living from photography. In my film days I’d done some work for NGO’s and shot the odd wedding, and made one half-hearted attempt in the late […]

Photography Rules For The Rebel

Rules are great for keeping things running smoothly. Commerce, the military, and various forms of government would not exist without a strong adherence to rules. Art is a different story. With art, rules act as a guide but can get in the way of expression. When I teach photography to new students, one of the […]