Putting The XEQUALS Platform to Work

With the launch of our new site in May, and the addition of XEQUALS Color for Photoshop and Color Overlays for Lightroom, we’ve realized our vision of delivering a complete platform that you can tap into to make your passion a hobby, your hobby a business, and your business your future. We think of XEQUALS […]


Getting Down With XEQUALS Color Overlays for Lightroom

Experimentation Is A Critical Part Of The Artists Journey Part of keeping things fresh requires that you to navigate out of your comfort zone, try something new, and ditch what always works in exchange for a renewed approach. What you need is a break from the norm, a subtle kick in the pants that drives […]

Our Rapid Fire Top 5 Best Lightroom Tips Ever

No bull. We’ve been at this for a while. So we won’t mess around. These are our most asked for Lightroom tips over the last month. Fire up that desktop and let’s get crankin’. 1. Making The Eyes Pop In Lightroom By far our most popular post. We go through the process step by step […]

Setting The Table With XEQUALS Color for Photoshop

So you’ve got your XEQUALS Color for Photoshop ACR Presets sitting on your machine, and you’re ready to rock right? Good! Let’s get down to business. If you’ve downloaded the product, and unzipped them to your favorite folder, you should have something like this: You should see the following files: 54 total (.xmp) files XEQUALS-adobe-camera-raw-installation.txt […]


Here's how to give your images depth of emotion, not just depth of field. #photographyproblems… t.co/Dac