Are You Forgetting About Yourself?

If you’re like the typical commercial photographer (or if you’re anything like me), the number one reason you decided to make photography your way of making a living was that you love making photographs. It’s great! You think to yourself that you can finally get paid for doing something you love.  You dream of big […]


How to Build a Professional Photography Portfolio

A great portfolio can make or break your career, so it’s crucial to make this the best it can be. Correctly putting this thing together isn’t easy. These tips will help you if you have no idea where to start. Whether your work is online or offline, it’s imperative that you make a good impression. […]

Everyone’s A Photographer

In my kitchen, I’ve got some high-quality cook’s knives, cast iron pots, copper pans, and other gadgets. I know how to use them. I enjoy watching cooking shows and trying new recipes, but so do many other people. Am I a chef? In my office, I’ve got a couple of Moleskins, computers with word processing […]

The Road To Creative Choices

Have you ever sat on a photo for a while? I mean a long while before you’re willing to post. You’re just not sure. You’re stuck on deciding whether the exposure is just right, or whether a FJ Neo 100% color ratio with 100% grain size at 35mm FullAP will work perfectly? Will this be […]

How I’m Ensuring That 2017 Beats My Record Year Last Year

Previously I talked about the 5 biggest things I did in 2016 to make it my biggest year. Now that we’re well into 2017, it’s time to look at the ways I’m ensuring that my photography business continues to grow and improves on the success of 2016. To some extent that’s simply going to be […]


@MattKloskowski has another great tutorial for saving that overblown sky. This time it's under 4 minutes.…