5 Photo Projects To Start Today

There are only 2 ways to start the New Year. The first one is to keep doing everything just like you did previous 365 days … or try something new and grow. Projects aren’t meant to be shot in a day. These are designed to be fun and train your eye to see the world […]


The iPhone 7 Plus Update: Important Features for Photographers

For the last 6 years, I have traveled the world using just an iPhone as my camera and only iOS applications to edit my images. Many people have thought I am downgrading my photography. Others have watched my journey from the sidelines. But the brave ones joined me early, finding the possibilities enchanting. From the […]

The XEQUALS Style Field Guide

When does it all start to come together? When do photographers start to feel like they’ve finally got a handle on their craft? I’ll tell you exactly when. It’s the moment you, as a photographer, start to adhere to your own personal style. Without it, it’s like a leaf blowing in the wind. With it, […]

Putting The XEQUALS Platform to Work

What is the XEQUALS Platform? This is our vision of delivering a complete platform that you can tap into to make your passion a hobby, your hobby a business, and your business your future. We built XEQUALS as 3 parts that work together – all focused on helping you Learn your craft, Create your unique […]

Photography Rules For The Rebel

Rules are great for keeping things running smoothly. Commerce, the military, and various forms of government would not exist without a strong adherence to rules. Art is a different story. With art, rules act as a guide but can get in the way of expression. When I teach photography to new students, one of the […]


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