Emulating Film in Lightroom – Vintage Vibes And Modern Tools

Making Film Emulation Presets When we at X-Equals release Lightroom presets, we strive to provide the highest quality presets with the greatest level of functionality possible. To this extent, we created a step by step process to emulate the look of any given camera and film combination, allowing for the simulation of the look in […]

Our Rapid Fire Top 5 Best Lightroom Tips Ever

No bull. We’ve been at this for a while. So we won’t mess around. These are our most asked for Lightroom tips over the last month. Fire up that desktop and let’s get crankin’. 1. Making The Eyes Pop In Lightroom By far our most popular post. We go through the process step by step […]

How I Use Lightroom Mobile To Stay Sane (Part 2)

Now that you understand why Lightroom Mobile is awesome, it’s time we take ourselves away from our desktop monitors and venture, bravely, blinking-ly, into a new mobile territory. Let’s pick up where we left off after downloading our downsized images to our mobile devices. Remember: these are just downsized versions of our original shots and […]

Pixels Per Inch – Image Quality & How You’re Doing It Wrong

Oh, the fear! It’s a common misconception among photographers that an image’s Pixels Per Inch (PPI) value dictates its resolution and image quality. They say that a magazine-quality print gets hijacked from a 600 x 400 pixel, 300 PPI image downloaded from a Web gallery. Well, that’s true, if that print is only 2 inches […]

Size DOES Matter; Shooting Tethered In Lightroom

Long a standard practiced by studio and commercial photographers, shooting tethered should be an essential part of your photography. It may seem a bit intimidating at first but you probably already have all the necessary equipment for shooting tethered, and setting things up is not at all difficult. Got a camera? Good. Got a computer […]