Our Rapid Fire Top 5 Best Lightroom Tips Ever

No bull. We’ve been at this for a while.

So we won’t mess around. These are our most asked for Lightroom tips over the last month.

Fire up that desktop and let’s get crankin’.

1. Making The Eyes Pop In Lightroom

Lightroom tips for the eyes

By far our most popular post. We go through the process step by step of how you can get the most important part of a portrait to stand out as the most dazzling.

The best part of this enhancement method, like everything else in our Lightroom tips, is that it’s a nondestructive process. So there’s no pressure to get it right the first time around (but we know you will).

Enhance those peepers →

2. Sharpening In Lightrooom

Lightroom tips for sharpening

A 2 part series on how to get those images super sharp using only Lightroom.

If you have been hopping into Photoshop for your final sharpening, give this process a chance.  You may find that the tools offered in these Lightroom tips are more intuitive, and dare we say, more powerful than Photoshop’s native tools and most any plug-in.

Walk the razor’s edge →

3. Correcting Color Cast With Lightroom

No bull. We've been at this for a while. So we won't mess around. These are our most asked for Lightroom tips over the last month. Fire up that desktop and let's get crankin'.

Color casting is, quite possibly, one of the most frustrating issues you can have with an image. Regardless of how the image was captured, digitally or on film, you can easily run into issues with your lighting, leading to some major color issues.

You don’t always have a gray card with you and sometimes photo opportunities pop up in the worst of lighting conditions.

Remove the frustration →

4. Mastering HSL In Lightroom

Lightroom tips for hue, saturation, and color

Don’t let it scare you. Hue, Saturation, and Color all play an important part in your images.

Imagine being able to control all of these at will. How could your images improve? How much more free time could you get by knowing exactly what to adjust in your images?

Paint with your own pallet →

5. Emulating Film In Lightroom

Lightroom tips for emulating film

Ever wondered how we created our best selling presets? We’ll give you the basic development process for creating an emulation.

This how-to recreates the feel of Polaroid Spirit 600, but once you’ve become comfortable with the process, you’ll be able to create the feel of any of your favorite films.

No chemicals required.

Use your sorcery →

With these Lightroom tips, you’ll be able easily master and control color … the most important thing about your images … all within Lightroom. Get more done without having to jump back and forth to different editing software.

Cut down on your importing and exporting time. You’ve got other things to do.

You can slash all that editing time even further by picking up the XEQUALS Bundle in our shop.

It’s time to put the XEQUALS Platform to work for you.

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