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Compatible with Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop 2022 and Adobe Photoshop 2023

Bold, timeless, and trustworthy styles you can count on from XEQUALS

The largest collection of professional Color and Black and White film presets ever assembled

XEQUALS Complete Bundle

XEQUALS Thinks About Working in Photoshop and Lightroom In A Very Different Way

Lots of other products offer you ways to apply a unique look to your work with a one-click fix that promises that your photos will stand out in an ever crowded digital universe.


How is your unique style going to come to life when anyone who buys those other products can achieve the same look? It’s not. When you apply a single preset as a stylistic choice, you’re not creating art, you’re following a fad. And that sucks.

You should demand a better answer — one that includes the best tools that shape and mold to your needs—rather than one-click effects that are simply a shortcut to sameness.

We Take A Different Approach

We’ve created a one-of-a-kind modular approach to presets. By using the same techniques as the masters, we started by thinking of presets as building blocks rather than lazy one-click effects.

Each product includes multiple elements: Mix, Tone and Grain for our Lightroom Presets and Mix and Tone for Photoshop. This modular approach means that they can be used one at a time for specific effects in targeted areas, or to blended together drive an overall look that is uniquely yours.

Having all of these wonderful tools at your disposal allows you to create something beautiful, and that is what photography is all about.

Instead of adjusting sliders for hours in an ad hoc fashion, we’ve developed a modular approach that will get you farther, faster in a more directed and predictable way. As you drive your unique style and begin to define your palette, we make it easy to process a ton of images in batches to get your signature look — unique to you and only you.

We’ve painstakingly worked to captured the essence of the classic films, papers, tonings, and mixes to bring you a palette that is as varied and world class as your own work.

Use Tools, Not Toys

By using these presets in unison with one another, you can create combinations that represent you and only you. By finding the combinations that you love, you’ve fast-tracked the creation of your unique style—just like the greats.

The XEQUALS Bundle includes all our products, which makes up the backbone of the XEQUALS Platform.

Rather than click around to find out what matters and why the Bundle rocks, here it is:

1) XEQUALS Color for Lightroom rapidly processes your images in the style of classic color film stocks. And, since it’s the largest collection out there, there’s no need to spend hours scouring the internet to fill in the gaps.

  • Polaroid 669
  • Fuji Provia
  • Kodak Portra
  • Fuji Velvia
  • Kodak Gold
  • Kodak Kodachrome
  • Fuji Superia
  • Agfa RSX II
  • Konica Super XG
  • Fuji FP
  • Cross Processing Effects
  • And 200+ others …

2) XEQUALS Black & White for Lightroom includes targeted presets that can be combined strategically to make specific adjustments. So apply as many as you like, get the look you love, and save the combination as your own.

  • Ilford HP5
  • Kodak Tri-X
  • Fuji Neopan
  • Ilford Delta
  • Kodak Portra 160
  • Kodak T-MAX
  • Rollei R3
  • Forte Fortepan
  • Daguerreotype
  • Sepia Tone
  • Konica Infrared (IR) 720
  • Fuji Neopan
  • and 200+ others …

3) XEQUALS Super Kodachrome for Lightroom delivers high saturation in the style of Kodak Kodachrome alongside Super Punch – hands down the most aggressive black and white preset you can own.

  • Kodak Kodachrome – this is one of those films that everyone loves because it just works – ’nuff said.
  • Super Punch – this Preset does exactly what it name suggests, and it’s really good at it.

4) XEQUALS Sampler Pack for Lightroom includes our original modular-style presets and a few creative one-click artistic effects.

  • Summer Holiday
  • Mad Max 3200
  • Straight Muggin’
  • Herb Ritts (Curve, Mix, and Punch)
  • Morning Blue
  • Ekta Chromeo
  • Polaroid 600 (Grain, Light Leak, Lens, Tone, Blue, and Yellow)
  • Holga (Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw Version)
  • Smooth as Velvia
  • Infra Ready
  • The 400 (Tri-X)
  • City Scapes
  • Summer Rain

5) XEQUALS Color For Photoshop puts ACR on steroids. We asked photographers like you to put this product through its paces in real-world scenarios, and we used their feedback to improve and enhance our most popular film styles for use in Photoshop.

  • Polaroid 669
  • Fuji Provia
  • Kodak Portra
  • Fuji Velvia
  • Kodak Gold
  • Kodak Elite
  • Kodak Kodachrome
  • Fuji Superia
  • Fuji Sensia
  • Konica Super XG
  • and 25+ others …

6) XEQUALS Black & White For Photoshop allows you to balance tone and contrast in harmony to reveal the unique relationship that exists between them with the same romance you’d get from the originals.

  • Rollei R3
  • Daguerreotype
  • High Contrast Pass
  • Forma Formapan
  • Fuji Neopan
  • Ilford Delta
  • Ilford HP 5
  • Kodak Pan-X
  • Kodak Portra
  • Kodak T-Max
  • and 25+ others …

7) XEQUALS Color Overlays for LR We’ve taken duotones to a place where experimentation, attitude, and color all blend together in seamless harmony.

  • Yellow Overlay
  • Red Overlay
  • Green Overlay
  • Blue Overlay
  • Purple Overlay

and …

The Bonus That’s Just For You

We’ve also added a special bonus to our little baby, here. It’s an exclusive release that will only be available here.

At no extra cost, we also include a copy of the XEQUALS Film Booster for Lightroom with your purchase.

This batch of presets capture the nostalgia of days long gone with their milky washes and heavy grains – like being able to experiment with a film camera at a fraction of the cost.

You get access to over 50 different styles to choose:

  • Kodak Portra
  • Kodak Portra X-Pro
  • Fuji Reala, Kodak Ektar
  • Polaroid Time-Zero
  • Fuji Provia
  • Rollei Infrared
  • Rollei 80s
  • Lomo Redscale
  • Polaroid Polachrome

The pack is broken down to its elements just like all of our other products. You can combine the uniqueness of multiple individual films into one preset … making your own film stock without buying expensive equipment or chemicals.

We’ll be releasing it to the public in the future, but for now, it’s only included with the Bundle at no cost to you.

Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

The proof is in the work. Below are some before/after samples of the XEQUALS Platform in action just as you would use in your own work.

Agfa RSX II (Tone and Mix)

While many have never shot this film, it’s characteristics make it a favorite for shots that need a little love in the warm tones. With XEQUALS Color, included right here, now is your chance.

Kodak Elite Chrome 100 (Tone and Grain)

As one of our staff’s favorite picks – Kodak Elite Chrome 100 brings you one of the highest color saturation’s available in a Preset without being totally obnoxious about it.

Ilford Delta 3200 (Tone, Mix, Grain)

Working in black and white is an exercise in managing tone and contrast in harmony to reveal the unique relationship that exists between them. With Ilford Delta 3200 we bring them together with the same romance you’d get from the original.

Rollei R3 (Mix and Grain) Before/After

Slide away and enjoy the punchy tones that come with styling your images with our Rollei R3 Preset.

Kodak Kodachrome (Tone and Grain)

This is one of those films that everyone loves because it just works – ’nuff said.

Transform your photography with us! Break free from one-click mediocrity and embrace your unique, modular approach.

Your journey to photographic distinction starts here.




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