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Compatible with Adobe Photoshop 2022 and Adobe Photoshop 2023

Bold, timeless, and trustworthy styles you can count on from XEQUALS

Works with RAW, PSD, JPG, PNG, and TIF files!

XEQUALS Color for PS

You Don’t Need Fancy Names To Drive Your Unique Style

Puffy Pink Clouds, Sunny Fields of Green, Happy Joy Blue … we don’t need fancy names to describe our products, and neither do you.

What you need are solutions that you can anchor into your workflow as you drive your unique style.

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again:

You can go through the motions of importing, editing, and slapping a preset on your images, while you try to sell them as your own—but if your images don’t speak to the viewer and breathe life—they’re not alive.

We Do Things Differently, And For A Good Reason

Kodak Tri-X, Portra, Velvia, Ilford … these are just some of the names of the film greats you need to know – bold timeless, and trustworthy styles you can count on to deliver the goods all the time – every time you use them.

The XEQUALS Platform allows you to craft your vision with exacting precision. Now you can access a complete palette of styles that will feel familiar to you the minute you apply them in Adobe Camera RAW – so you can be sure you nail the look on every image – every time.

Use Tools, Not Toys

We started with a Beta Program, whereby we asked photographers to put the product through its paces in real-world scenarios. We used this to improve and enhance our most popular film styles for use in Photoshop. The same exacting standards that went into our Presets for Lightroom can can be found right here for Photoshop!

With XEQUALS Color for Photoshop, we’ve brought over the styles our customers asked us for – ready to drop into Photoshop so you can get down to business!

  • Polaroid 669
  • Fuji Provia
  • Kodak Portra
  • Fuji Velvia
  • Kodak Gold
  • Kodak Elite
  • Kodak Kodachrome
  • Fuji Superia
  • Fuji Sensia
  • Konica Super XG
  • Fuji Press
  • Fuji FP
  • Polaroid High Definition
  • Kodak High Definition
  • Polaroid Polachrome
  • Agfa RSX II
  • Kodak Portra X-Pro
  • Fuji Reala
  • Ektachrome
  • Kodak Ektar
  • Polaroid Time Zero
  • Lomo Redscale
  • Lomo X-Pro

Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

The proof is in the work. Below are some before/after samples of XEQUALS Color for Photoshop in action — just as you would use in your own work.

Lomo Redscale (Tone)

Wrapping your images in a yellow-orange tone that brings them that perfect vintage look is what Lomo Redscale is all about. This was the first look we ported over to Photoshop … because it’s awesome.

Polaroid Time-Zero (Tone)

Timeless and instantly recognizable is made easy with Time-Zero. Punch up your colors, and tighten up the contrast ever so slightly but oh so perfectly.

Fuji Provia 100F (Tone)

Wash your images in a subtle but beautiful tint that accentuates the colors of any image you throw at it.

Transform your photography with us! Break free from one-click mediocrity and embrace your unique, modular approach.

Your journey to photographic distinction starts here.

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