Wake-up From Your Data Storage Nightmare (Part 2)

In Part 1, we looked at how as we upgrade to sleeker, faster MacBooks with Solid State Drives (SSD), we need to adopt a robust approach to backing up our precious work and data. I shared my sorry tale of woe: how I needed to replace my MacBook Pro but finances were limited, and a […]


The Road To Creative Choices

Have you ever sat on a photo for a while? I mean a long while before you’re willing to post. You’re just not sure. You’re stuck on deciding whether the exposure is just right, or whether a FJ Neo 100% color ratio with 100% grain size at 35mm FullAP will work perfectly? Will this be […]

Mobile Photography Tips For The Curmudgeon

Mobile photography is changing the rules permanently. Smart phone camera users are not limited by the cost of film, the cost of chemicals, or the cost of equipment. Everybody today has a camera (a powerful one) right in their pocket. Don’t let this change in the photography world make you nervous or pass you by. The […]

5 Photo Projects To Start Today

There are only 2 ways to start the New Year. The first one is to keep doing everything just like you did previous 365 days … or try something new and grow. Projects aren’t meant to be shot in a day. These are designed to be fun and train your eye to see the world […]

Getting Down With XEQUALS Black & White For Photoshop

Working with XEQUALS Black & White for Photoshop is simple and easy – the added benefit being you can access them directly in Adobe Bridge as well. We’ve pulled some examples of exactly how you can integrate the solution into your own workflow once you have them installed. Working with your RAW files in Adobe […]


@MattKloskowski has another great tutorial for saving that overblown sky. This time it's under 4 minutes.… t.co/HOF