Essential Shortcut for Image Mastery – ‘Alt’-Ered States

Continuing on with my exploration of the time-saving keyboard shortcut, I have become a huge fan of using the {Alt} key (mac or PC) to quickly access two functions I use daily: Tone Control and Export as Catalog.

During my first pass on a large job in the Library module, I not only rate images and select rejects, I also use the Tone Control sliders in the Quick Develop panel to adjust exposure. With a quick flick of the {Alt} key I can also slap the saturation around and if necessary, sharpen up any obvious soft images. It’s a quick way to reach controls normally relegated to the Develop module.

Shortcut to the Quick Develop module using the alt key

Once a job is completed, I often spend a few minutes overlooking all my work in grid view within the Library Module. When I am happy with what I see, I again tap the {Alt} key and select Export as Catalog and send the job on its way.

I really like how this quick shortcut saves me from having to bounce in and out of the Develop Module or application menu(s).

Are there any other special key combinations that you use to sped up your workflow?

Best Wishes.

Brandon Oelling

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