Kodak Tri-X 400 Lightroom Preset – So Much Grain

This one was a blast to create, just as much fun as the Velvia preset. The TRI-X 400 was my favorite film to push … and not just push a little bit … I’m talking about 1, 2 … or more stops to really bring out the film grain.

So feel free to walk down memory lane with me …

check out the grain of our tri-x 400 preset

The original film maintains its revered status for exceptional low-light performance and the capacity to push two or even three stops with minimal quality loss. Photojournalists and street photographers loved this film because they often worked in unpredictable lighting.

The Grain Of Tri-X 400

Kodak Tri-X 400’s grain boasts a classic structure that imparts a distinctive, aesthetically pleasing texture, making it stand out from modern films. This grain yields rich tonality and a tactile feel to images, making it a favorite of mine for imparting character and depth. Unlike the smoother grains of newer emulsions like T-Max, Tri-X’s grain is more pronounced, contributing to its reputation for producing images with a strong, traditional black and white look that’s both raw and compelling.

The film also allowed for a wide exposure latitude, making it forgiving for me while still providing enough control. Its flexibility in development times and temperatures made it super easy to work with.

This preset will not alter your exposure, white balance, or calibration settings. Any targeting you may have completed on your images with those controls will remain.

As for our other presets, we break down some best Lightroom practices and a little history on each one. A library of how to’s and capsule of films long gone.

Lastly, because I LOVE GRAIN … I have applied some rather heavy sharpening to mimic some grain in the preset. Turn it off if you want to preserve the texture of your shot.

Tri-X 400 is included in the XEQUALS Bundle.

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