Photography Setup Masterclass With Michelle Moore

This week, Michelle Moore shares some of her favorite shots and her photography setup. Here’s your chance to get a sneak peek into the mind of a true master!

All Photos © Michelle Moore



  • Canon 1Ds Mark II, 85mm: 1/60 @ f/7.1; ISO 100
  • Profoto Acute2 2400 Kit + Profoto Pro Big 7 ft.


  • Model was laying on floor and the Profoto Pro Big 7 was directly above and to the top left corner of the model.
  • A slight angle (about 30 degrees) between the light and the floor.
  • This evenly lit the model from above, and gave just a tiny bit of drop off to the lower right corner of the frame.



  • Canon 1Ds Mark II, 50mm: 1/1600 @ f/1.4: ISO 200


  • Client was leaning against fence with the sun directly behind.  Taken at about 5pm (In Seattle in July) so the sun was still overhead from about a 30-45 degree angle.
  • Ground across the street was white to add a slight bit of bounce (light reflection) into the client’s face.
  • No reflector was used.
  • Flare was created from a 50mm lens, and the angle between the sun.



  • Canon 1Ds Mark II, 50mm: 1/320 @ f/1.6: ISO 1600


  • Taken about an hour and a half after sunset – so sky was completely dark.
  • We used car headlights pointed directly at the musician – so lighting would be even on the face.
  • The image was taken in a large parking lot, so a few lights created a small amount of ambient fill in the background



  • Canon 1Ds Mark II, 45mm TSE; 1/400 @ f/4.5; ISO 200


  • Sun was peeking over building behind client.  I had client walk into the sun just past the building’s shadow.
  • This was taken at 12pm (Noon) in Seattle in July, so the sun was very much over-head, but not directly over-head.
  • Michelle was wearing a white tee-shirt which created the extra sparkle in the eye on the image on the right.
  • Light colored pavement and buildings behind the Photographer created a nice even, and reflective fill.  No reflector was used.
  • The 45mm TSE (Tilt-shift) lens created the blur and unique focus plane.



  • Canon 1Ds Mark II, 35mm: 1/500 @ f/1.4: ISO 100


  • Sun was about an hour from sunset – we were essentially in open shade because it had dipped behind some trees to the left of frame.
  • The sky was a nice even soft lighting from image left.
  • Shot around 8pm in Seattle in late July.

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Michelle Moore

Michelle Moore is an internationally respected & award winning commercial and portrait photographer residing in Seattle, WA. While she is well-known for her natural and fresh approach to photographing teens, and starting the successful hair & makeup trend in high school senior portrait photography; Michelle is also a commercial and lifestyle photographer, working with clothing brands and companies to produce quality images for lookbooks, branding and advertising campaigns.

  1. Great stuff Michelle—as always! Love the super tight DOF and the beautiful natural light.

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