Yeah, you’re smart – the Lightroom PhD Program

We really wish there was a PhD Program for Lightroom.

That is how much time and effort we have put into this piece of software – enough to warrant a dissertation, committee review, and tenured faculty position at a prestigious University.

While we can dream of such a position, day-to-day we know what Lightroom is all about: getting things done and having fun!

That being said, we’ve compiled 3 posts which take the Lightroom Develop Module (more specifically the adjustments panel), and expose all the nuances of these tools that matter.

We’ve said it before: the Supercharged V8 Engine of Lightroom is the Develop Module, and if you are so inclined to get under the hood, you’ve come to the right place.

Dig in!

1. Harnessing the Lightroom Histogram

This is a good start whether you’re an old pro working with the Histogram or are seeing it for the first time.

The highlights:

  • What “Shooting to the Right” means
  • Shadow and Highlight Management
  • Tonal Range Reporting
  • Image Data Preservation

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2. Bestest of Friends – Histogram and Tone Curve

The histogram isn’t like some anti-social roommate who eats your food out of the refrigerator when you’re not looking. He’s a cool dude, and loves to grab a beer or two with his bro’s – especially the Tone Curve. As a matter of fact, the tone Curve is the histogram’s wingman.

The highlights:

  • Histogram and Tone Curve: The Relationship
  • Managing Shadows and Highlights (and everything in-between)

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3. “… everything in the Right Hand menu …”


The Histogram and Tone Curve have an entire Crew they roll with – here’s your chance to meet the important ones.

The highlights:

  • Basic Adjustments
  • Adjustment Brushes
  • HSL / Color / Grayscale Panels
  • Split Toning

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Go out there and make us proud … !

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