Why Watermarks Matter (And How To Craft The Perfect One)

When it comes to protecting your images online, watermarks are not mere vanity, and can do far more than pronounce your copyright. Used strategically, watermarks are the best tool that you have. Guest author Matthew Campagna shows you how that watermark can be subtle, seductive, and secure. A Watermark Fail Story One of those sketchy […]

Watermarking in Lightroom 3

We have covered watermarking techniques in the past utilizing Timothy Armes excellent LR2/Mogrify plugin. While the Mogrify plug-in is still the most powerful method of watermarking, Lightroom 3 now has a strong, native watermarking feature. Lightroom 3 gives you two watermarking options, text or graphical watermarks, or using the Lightroom Identity Plate as a graphical […]