5 Principles Your Photography Business Should Be Built On

So you’re ready to start taking your photography business venture seriously. Good! Let’s get you started off on the right foot. Every business begins with a solid foundation. Using these 5 principles, you’ll begin laying the groundwork for your journey! 1. Why Most Of Your Equipment Is Useless (And What Isn’t) First, let’s get down […]


How To Create Dramatic Black And White Portraits

There’s something about black and white portraits that makes you, as a photographer, return to them time and time again. For some reason, although a color picture may be a more accurate representation of what a person looks like, a black and white picture carries more depth, drama and emotional content. However, as with all […]

Avoiding Motion Blur – This Ain’t No Bokeh

“John, this is amazing!” And he’s, like, “I know, right?” And we’re, like, “We love the fan idea!” And he’s like, “Put it up so the X-Equals audience can learn a little more about Motion Blur.” And we were, like, “Yeeeeaaahhhhhh!” John has been working and teaching over at CreativeLive since 2010 so he’s learned […]

6 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Photography Today

Let’s get down to it, the best way to improve your photography is to shoot a lot. A whole lot. Here are six ideas to get you shooting more and to help you gain real-life experience. They’ll also get you thinking more critically about your work and craft. They might take a little elbow grease and dedication, but the payoff (which we have taken the liberty to nail down for you) is totally worth it. Remember, you wanted this […]

Build The Watermark People Talk About

We previously discussed what makes a good watermark and how it can help potential clients find the real you. Now, let’s get down to business using Lightroom and Photoshop to construct our watermarks! Lightroom’s Simple Copyright Watermark Lightroom’s Simple Copyright Watermark pulls text from each image’s Copyright metadata field and renders it in the lower […]