Wake-Up From Your Data Storage Nightmare (Part 1)

A Quick History Lesson One of the challenges faced by the early pioneers of photography was permanently fixing an image so that it wouldn’t disappear. In the 1830s, English polymath and scientist Sir John Herschel discovered the answer: a chemical called sodium thiosulfate, often referred to as hypo after its original name hyposulphite of soda. […]


Get Out Of Your Own Way So You Can Make Money

As a current or aspiring photography business owner pursuing your passion, you’ve got tons of little things to worry about. At the top of your list should be revenue, or in simpler terms – cash! And cash is not a little thing … it’s a big thing! So … you do everything you can to […]

5 Principles Your Photography Business Should Be Built On

So you’re ready to start taking your photography business venture seriously. Good! Let’s get you started off on the right foot. Every business begins with a solid foundation. Using these 5 principles, you’ll begin laying the groundwork for your journey! 1. Why Most Of Your Equipment Is Useless (And What Isn’t) First, let’s get down […]

6 Strategies For Calming Pissed Off Photography Clients

No matter what you do and how good you are, eventually you’ll pass an unhappy client or negative feedback. If you’ve just started a photography business, don’t let this break your confidence or influence your work. Learn how to deal with these situations effectively, and you can turn things around and maybe flip an unhappy […]