Keeping it Raw in Photoshop – Part 3 of 3

Previously in Part 1 and Part 2, we created a composite image utilizing Smart Objects and layer masking in Photoshop. From those previous two articles, you are armed with the required tools to create dynamic images easily in Photoshop without having to lose the versatility of Raw. Today we will finish the images created, covering […]

Keeping it Raw in Photoshop – Part 1 of 3

Previously I introduced X-Equals readers to Smart Objects in Photoshop as a method by which you can maintain the capabilities and quality of RAW, but still utilize many of the stellar features of Photoshop. In this series I am going to outline my RAW workflow within Photoshop, leveraging Smart Objects and Adobe Camera Raw to maintain […]

Photoshop Smart Objects – Smart Is As Smart Does

Have you ever been working up an image in Lightroom, and open it in Photoshop for final editing? Furthermore have you ever invested time in retouching said image in Photoshop only to realize that you should have processed the RAW image differently to begin with? A lot of people would just close out the image […]