Size DOES Matter; Shooting Tethered In Lightroom

Long a standard practiced by studio and commercial photographers, shooting tethered should be an essential part of your photography. It may seem a bit intimidating at first but you probably already have all the necessary equipment for shooting tethered, and setting things up is not at all difficult. Got a camera? Good. Got a computer […]

Digital Test Prints – New Techniques From Old Masters

Any competent darkroom worker appreciates the need to make test prints to get the best from the negative; workers in Lightroom can take a leaf out of the same book by making use of  digital test prints. It’s easy to make a print from a digital image using Lightroom’s Print module. It’s not so easy […]

Proportional Exposure Management

I don’t use the Quick Develop Panel. There I said it. I’m as guilty as the next person for having ignored what is truly a powerful tool in Lightroom. Sure I’ve played around with some Alt key trickery but I never really thought of Quick Develop as a valuable part of my workflow … until […]

Page-Down Technique Revealed – Inspection Perfection

While preparing a series of images for print on a high resolution printer, I found myself obsessing about removing any residual sensor noise or image imperfections from my collection. Normally, I’m pushing images to 72ppi for proofing on the web, which will often downsample out any irritable noise, dust, or imperfections. Not this time – […]