Taking a byte out of bit depth – Jpeg vs. RAW

Should I shoot RAW or should I shoot JPEG? That is the eternal question digital photographers struggle with day after day. Take a look at any photography message board or Flickr group and you will likely find a heated discussion weighing both sides of this bit depth issue. Proponents of each file type have strong […]

Keeping it Raw in Photoshop – Part 3 of 3

Previously in Part 1 and Part 2, we created a composite image utilizing Smart Objects and layer masking in Photoshop. From those previous two articles, you are armed with the required tools to create dynamic images easily in Photoshop without having to lose the versatility of Raw. Today we will finish the images created, covering […]

Keeping it Raw in Photoshop – Part 2 of 3

Alright, so Part 1 of this series is fully digested, right? Well it is time to build on that procedure and really flex this workflows muscle. If you recall, I asked you to think about what presets you really like in Lightroom and to convert then to Adobe Camera Raw profiles using the past tutorial. […]

10% Photoshop, 100% Stunning – Less Is Actually More

I love Photoshop, it’s an amazing program with no peer. With it you can make the impossible possible and the unreal real. Photoshop is the uncontested champion in the world of photo. However, with all this power, Photoshop is also rather complicated – intimidating even. In the same vein, Photoshop can also be the slowest […]