Hidden Secrets to Fast, Easy Photo Publishing

Busy photographers require an efficient workflow to do 4 important tasks: Importing Cataloging Processing Publishing While much has been written about the first 3, the publishing side of things is often a weak point, with many photographers choosing just to export to a folder on their hard drive and then upload to their website. Boring! […]

Ready, Set, Showcase! Fast-Track Your Gallery Creation

Wedding photographers shoot a lot of photos … not just a few hundred – I’m talking thousands of photos per shoot. This has always presented some unique challenges for our studio as we process images or create a gallery for clients to proof our work. One technique that we have found to work exceedingly well […]

FTP for you and me

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is an amazingly simple and powerful technology that can be leveraged within Lightroom to quickly and easily upload a selection of images directly to any server that supports the FTP standard. Practically every web hosting provider offers the ability to transfer files and in turn serve those files to your clients […]