Lens Correction and Alteration in Lightroom 3

Now that Lightroom 3 has finally arrived, everyone gets to take advantage of the new Lens Corrections panel. Adobe has many common lenses from various manufacturers profiled, and Lightroom can automatically correct any abnormalities and perspective issues present in the lens. Another benefit is that Adobe Labs has pre-released the Adobe Lens Profile Creator, which […]

Bending Lightroom Presets to Your Will

Sometimes you need to make adjustments to a preset. If you find yourself frequently making the same adjustments, maybe it is time you modify the preset you use and make those adjustments permanent. We have you covered! The easiest way to modify a preset is to make your adjustments to your image and then right-click {cmd+click} on […]

Build ‘n Ship – Lightroom Export Presets

One of the biggest selling points for Lightroom has to be its ability to use presets. However, most people simply think of develop presets when they hear the word “preset”. This misconception is understandable; especially considering everything a good selection of develop presets can do for you. But presets can do more for you than […]

Lightroom Preset – Straight Muggin’

As a special treat to all you preset hounds, we’re dropping a new Lightroom Preset for the first full week of 2010 which we’re calling Straight Muggin’. This preset takes some pieces and parts from all our previous black and white presets, and blends them into a fresh batch of photo crunching goodness. Here’s a […]

X-Equals Image Kit – Vol. 1

You’re looking for our killer presets, right? Don’t worry, you’re not crazy. You’ve come to the right place. We just did some house cleaning. All of the presets that were here are now available in our XEQUALS Bundle. Plus a few surprises too. What are you waiting for? Whether you’re an enthusiast, a fanatic, or […]

Lightroom Preset – Polaroid 669

Wayyyyyy back in February 2008, Polaroid announced it would cease production of all instant film. The New York Times recently published a piece on the legacy of the Polaroid – and it was with this that the reality of the situation took hold. And … unfortunately, our favorite Polaroid instant film of ALLLLL TIME – […]

Lightroom Preset – City Scapes

This month’s preset is inspired by the Chicago “L” Trains and the city-scape environments I like to shoot near the Halsted and West Lake Street line. I am always blown away by the edgy and oftentimes neglected parts of the line where many of these structures have stood for over 100 years. I’m constantly inspired […]


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