Build ‘n Ship – Lightroom Export Presets

One of the biggest selling points for Lightroom has to be its ability to use presets. However, most people simply think of develop presets when they hear the word “preset”. This misconception is understandable; especially considering everything a good selection of develop presets can do for you. But presets can do more for you than […]

Lightroom Preset – Straight Muggin’

As a special treat to all you preset hounds, we’re dropping a new Lightroom Preset for the first full week of 2010 which we’re calling Straight Muggin’. This preset takes some pieces and parts from all our previous black and white presets, and blends them into a fresh batch of photo crunching goodness. Here’s a […]

Lightroom Preset – Holga

If you’ve never heard of a Holga, trust me when I tell you it can quickly become an obsession! Being a digital photographer at heart, I still love to shoot a roll of 120 in my Holga. It’s not cheap shooting, developing, and printing images from this baby – but the this plastic camera with […]

Lightroom Preset – Polaroid 669

Wayyyyyy back in February 2008, Polaroid announced it would cease production of all instant film. The New York Times recently published a piece on the legacy of the Polaroid – and it was with this that the reality of the situation took hold. And … unfortunately, our favorite Polaroid instant film of ALLLLL TIME – […]

Lightroom Preset – City Scapes

This month’s preset is inspired by the Chicago “L” Trains and the city-scape environments I like to shoot near the Halsted and West Lake Street line. I am always blown away by the edgy and oftentimes neglected parts of the line where many of these structures have stood for over 100 years. I’m constantly inspired […]

Lightroom Preset – Summer Holiday

Our newest preset  takes all the things we love about summer holidays, wraps them up into a nice green package, and delivers that mid-day summertime holiday feel to your images. We have this old-school sprinkler that, to me, is the one true symbol of summer that has so many great memories attached to it. That […]

Lightroom Preset – Summer Rain

In this post, we’ll be creating what we like to call a contextual preset – a preset that is used in a particular context to enhance your image based on lighting, weather, time of day, season, etc. This particular type of preset is no different technically than any other preset in Lightroom, with the exception […]