The Step-By-Step Guide To Photography Style (Part 3)

Grab yourself a coffee (or something stronger) and get ready for part 3 of The Step-By-Step Guide To Photography Style. If you need to refresh your memory regarding the first two parts, they can be found here and here. So far we’ve looked at what style is and why you should have it, the differences […]

Emulating Film in Lightroom – Vintage Vibes And Modern Tools

Making Film Emulation Presets When we at X-Equals release Lightroom presets, we strive to provide the highest quality presets with the greatest level of functionality possible. To this extent, I have created a step by step process to emulate the look of any given camera and film combination, allowing for the simulation of the look […]

The Herb Ritts Signature Touch – Steal The Master’s Look

A Quick Bio Herb Ritts, A California native, was born in 1952. Photography was never a career path he planned for, it started as simple hobby, as it does for most of us. His big break came quite unexpectedly in the late 1970’s, as these critical first shots were shot simply to be shooting, as […]

Close to Home – Local Adjustments – Part 1 of 2

The original incarnation of Lightroom was an incredible boon to the photographic world, allowing for non-destructive editing of images. Lightroom 2 then expanded upon the idea and added Local Adjustments to the mix, allowing for simple, non-destructive editing of unique portions of a given image. Of course Lightroom 3 retains these tools, and they are […]

Lens Correction and Alteration in Lightroom 3

Now that Lightroom 3 has finally arrived, everyone gets to take advantage of the new Lens Corrections panel. Adobe has many common lenses from various manufacturers profiled, and Lightroom can automatically correct any abnormalities and perspective issues present in the lens. Another benefit is that Adobe Labs has pre-released the Adobe Lens Profile Creator, which […]