Getting Down With XEQUALS Color For Photoshop

Working with XEQUALS Color for Photoshop is simple and easy – the added benefit being you can access them directly in Adobe Bridge as well. We’ve pulled some examples of exactly how you can integrate the solution into your own workflow once you have them installed. Working with your RAW files in Adobe Camera Raw […]

Cloning Like a Pro: Tips for Seamless Edits

A few months ago, one of my friends who is working on a book on surrealist Paris saw a photo of mine, one of the Paris shots I featured in the series of long-exposure articles. He liked the ghost effect with the Parisian backdrop, and asked me for some photos to illustrate his book. My […]

The Ultimate Lightroom Plug-in – Photoshop

We all know of the litany of plug-ins available to Lightroom. There are export plug-ins, Metadata plug-ins and external editor plug-ins. All of these tools extend the capabilities of Lightroom, allowing more control over your images and pertinent metadata. Many times they can be time saving tools, other times they are veritable life-savers. However, there […]

High Pass Sharpening in Photoshop

In Lightroom, sharpening is a rather simple endeavor. While Lightroom’s built-in sharpening tool is excellent, it is a bit lacking when it comes to fine control of sharpening. Photoshop is a much better tool for doing fine sharpening, as it offers a myriad of sharpening options and the ability to use layers and masks to […]

Good to the last Drop – Photoshop Droplets

I always loved Photoshop for its ability to create Actions, and in turn automate a LOT of my work by leveraging those actions to create Photoshop Droplets for batch processing. And, the best part is I can access these Actions from directly within Lightroom. By leveraging Droplets within your Lightroom workflow, you can take advantage […]

Keeping it Raw in Photoshop – Part 3 of 3

Previously in Part 1 and Part 2, we created a composite image utilizing Smart Objects and layer masking in Photoshop. From those previous two articles, you are armed with the required tools to create dynamic images easily in Photoshop without having to lose the versatility of Raw. Today we will finish the images created, covering […]