How To Pinpoint What You Suck At

There are only 2 directions a creative is ever moving in: forward or backward. There is no in between. Everybody sucks at one thing or another. If you want to elevate your photography, you have to strengthen areas of weakness. But identifying our shortcomings can be difficult. Especially if you don’t know what to look […]

The Marketplace For Being Average

As an artist you have no doubt at some point compared yourself to your peers, mentors, and idols. Just as likely is the fact that when you did that, you also devalued yourself, and began to doubt your own abilities. As artists we always strive to put forth our best efforts and it is always […]

Lightroom-to-Web Workflow – Made EASY

As a photographer in the modern era, the Web is your best means of having your work seen and thereby growing your audience. Lightroom provides various means of publishing your work to the Web, either using the Web module to roll your own galleries or using Publish Services to upload your work to online services […]