Build The Watermark People Talk About

We previously discussed what makes a good watermark and how it can help potential clients find the real you. Now, let’s get down to business using Lightroom and Photoshop to construct our watermarks! Lightroom’s Simple Copyright Watermark Lightroom’s Simple Copyright Watermark pulls text from each image’s Copyright metadata field and renders it in the lower […]

Stitching Everything Together With Lightroom CC’s Photo Merge

With the just-released Adobe Lightroom 6 or Lightroom CC now available it’s time to take a look at some of the new features. Before that however, just a quick note on the name of the software. If you are a subscriber to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, your application is called Lightroom CC. If you choose to […]

dashes-versus_underscores; The Definitive Guide

The topic of spaces vs. dashes vs. underscores continues on with respect to how to use them (or not) when naming your files. We’d like to clarify the things that matter when making a choice – so you can avoid making a bad decision. So let’s get right to it, here’s what you need to […]

Hidden Secrets to Fast, Easy Photo Publishing

Busy photographers require an efficient workflow to do 4 important tasks: Importing Cataloging Processing Publishing While much has been written about the first 3, the publishing side of things is often a weak point, with many photographers choosing just to export to a folder on their hard drive and then upload to their website. Boring! […]

Long-Exposure Photography – Part 2 of 3

Jersey City Dawn (Canon 7D, 27mm, f/13, 30s, ISO 100) Now that we’ve established in Part 1 why long-exposure photography is interesting and what it helps you achieve, I wanted to walk you through your first long-exposure shot, from location scouting all the way to post-processing. Since you might not yet know if this is […]

Importing and Backing Up Images in Lightroom – Part 4 of 4

Welcome to Part 4 of Importing and Backing Up Images in Lightroom! So far in this series we have looked at the process required to organize your images (Part 1), captioning and filtering your images (Part 2), and using the Develop Module in Lightroom (Part 3) to create a simple and easy to navigate Lightroom catalog. […]