Work Life Balance For Photographers

If you’re like many photographers, you became a working photographer because you had a passion for the craft and thought it would be a good way to earn a living. And really, how hard can it be? You’re living the exotic life of supermodels, stunning locations and lots of very expensive, cool toys. Then reality […]


Welcome To XEQUALS

As I proudly welcome you to the new XEQUALS, I want you to take a moment to think about your passion, your creative spark, your inner light that drives you to create, and pair that with the unique perspective that already exists within you. “As we get more technically driven, the importance of people becomes […]

Creatively Blocked? How To Get The F%$@ Out!

“I’m not that creative.” “I’m totally out of ideas,” “I can’t figure out how I want to shoot.” “It’s all been done before.” “I suck.” Our own internal critic can overwhelm even the most secure of photographers – hobbyist and professional alike. Sometimes you’re in a deep rut creatively, and it feels like the inspiration […]

10 Simple Steps to Build Confidence as a Photographer

Lack of confidence is a common problem among photographers, especially in the beginning of their careers. For many photographers, using a camera or arranging an intricate lighting setup is as easy as 1-2-3. Pricing their work properly, showcasing their achievements, and feeling confident in their skills – that’s where things get tough. There are many […]

5 Dumb Things You’ll Stop Saying To Your Clients

Here are 5 dumb things you’ll stop saying to your clients, and in turn avoid making the same mistakes others have made. The success of your business (and your brand) depend on it. Treat every client like it’s your first, and every lead like it will be gone tomorrow. We all make mistakes. Some of […]

Radiant Realms – Beth Jansen’s Mastery in Natural Light

Back in June, we sent out requests to select photographers to be part of a new series on X-equals regarding the use of natural lighting in their work. We specifically asked them: How you approach using natural light The challenges you face when working with natural light Special tips and tricks you can share for […]