Portrait Photography – How To Save Money, Time, And Sanity

I recently shot a series of images for a local community college’s annual report. One of the more interesting—and fun—images to shoot was a dramatic portrait of a member of the women’s basketball team. The goal was to produce a portrait that displayed determination, empowerment and strength: all attributes of the athletics program, this particular […]

Long-Exposure Photography – Part 1 of 3

Woods Hole Dawn (Canon EOS 7D, 17mm, F/18, 30s, ISO 100, no filter, Cape Cod, 6:30AM, Sept. 1st) Long-exposure photographs have a distinctive look, and are often elusive to achieve for beginning photographers. But we’re here to help … Once you start dabbling with the technique, you’ll realize that it’s relatively easy to achieve interesting […]

The Drop on Floordrops

In the past few years the use and sale of floordrops, or faux floors, has increased as manufacturers recognized a need and met it. Think of them as a backdrop, but for the floor. A floordrop is similar to a backdrop, but it goes on the floor instead of behind your subject. The point, of […]

Shoot it Retro – Using Manual Focus Lenses

As many of you all know, I am a film shooter. I absolutely love the feel of the old, mechanical cameras in my hands. Everything is manual, from exposure to focus to advancing the frame. There is a certain magic in the old processes for me. However, as much as I love film, I love […]

Portrait Stories and Secrets – A Day with Ryan Klos

I recently collaborated with a stylist and makeup artist at a local salon for some portfolio work. They also wanted a portrait to hang on their walls showcasing their work. To fit with the salon’s decor, these shots needed to be edgy, but not too far from classic glamour. Here are a few final edits. […]