Cloning Like a Pro: Tips for Seamless Edits

A few months ago, one of my friends who is working on a book on surrealist Paris saw a photo of mine, one of the Paris shots I featured in the series of long-exposure articles. He liked the ghost effect with the Parisian backdrop, and asked me for some photos to illustrate his book. My […]

Long-Exposure Photography – Part 3 of 3

In this, the third and last installment of our series on long-exposure photography, we are going to look into three advances uses of the technique.  In Part 2 we examined how to do a basic long-exposure shot of still water. This part assumes that you are a little better equipped (with tripod and filters) and […]

Long-Exposure Photography – Part 1 of 3

Woods Hole Dawn (Canon EOS 7D, 17mm, F/18, 30s, ISO 100, no filter, Cape Cod, 6:30AM, Sept. 1st) Long-exposure photographs have a distinctive look, and are often elusive to achieve for beginning photographers. But we’re here to help … Once you start dabbling with the technique, you’ll realize that it’s relatively easy to achieve interesting […]

Advanced Dodging & Burning in Lightroom 4

Dodging and burning (or local exposure adjustment) is one of the fastest ways to improve your images, so it’s no wonder we use it a lot around here. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the books, and can do things like: Focus attention on the subject Shape and flatter the subject Increase dynamic range […]

Lightroom & Exposure – The Winning Photography Formula

Lightroom and Photoshop, along with the myriad of other photo editing tools at a photographer’s disposal, are all amazing tools. They allow us to manipulate our images in ways never before imaginable or extremely time consuming to perform. These applications allow us to take a good photo and create amazing art from it. However, these […]

Correcting Exposure in Lightroom Fast – Rescue The Shot

Everyone has encountered shots that have been over or under exposed before. Be it accidental or the result of bracketing, there are always a few less than ideal exposures in any project. Fixing each of the images can be time consuming, but if you leverage some tricks in Lightroom, you can speed up your workflow […]

Bestest of Friends – Histogram and Tone Curve

It sits in the upper right hand corner of the Library and Develop Modules of Lightroom. Outside of a quick glance now and again, how often do you even consider the Histogram in Lightroom? For that matter, outside of helping detect highlight and shadow clipping, what is the Histogram even good for? Simply put, the […]