Achieving Color Harmony Using Split Tones

Color grading is one of those open ended subjects that is incredibly hard to perfect because of the seemingly endless amount of possibilities. With so many options it can be hard to know where to start! Many photographers have a hard time establishing a color palette and will simply resort to one of the popular […]

Kodachrome in Memoriam: Color’s Brilliant Flame Extinguished

In the final week of 2010, the photography world lost something very important … Kodachrome. To many, this seems like a minor loss, many of us only shoot digital, while many of us still using film have moved on to more modern and readily available film stocks. Kodachrome was a pain to shoot of late, […]

Close to Home – Local Adjustments – Part 1 of 2

The original incarnation of Lightroom was an incredible boon to the photographic world, allowing for non-destructive editing of images. Lightroom 2 then expanded upon the idea and added Local Adjustments to the mix, allowing for simple, non-destructive editing of unique portions of a given image. Of course Lightroom 3 retains these tools, and they are […]

Correcting Color Cast with Lightroom

Color casting is, quite possibly, one of the most frustrating issues you can have with an image. Regardless of how the image was captured, digitally or on film, you can easily run into issues with your lighting, leading to some major color issues. Even when utilizing RAW, you will occasionally run into color casts that […]

Mastering HSL in Lightroom – Part 3 of 3

Now that we have learned the basics of the HSL in Part 1 and the general method of working with the HSL in Part 2, it is time to expand our horizons a bit. So far we have focused on using HSL to improve an image by attempting to get realistic colors that have been […]

Mastering HSL in Lightroom – Part 1 of 3

Color – it’s the first aspect of a photograph most viewers ever notice. Colors bring an image to life, and mastering the color rendition of your image is of the utmost importance. Usually the color right from a RAW file is rather unimpressive, and needs some adjustment to make the image pop. To help manage […]

Taking a byte out of bit depth – Jpeg vs. RAW

Should I shoot RAW or should I shoot JPEG? That is the eternal question digital photographers struggle with day after day. Take a look at any photography message board or Flickr group and you will likely find a heated discussion weighing both sides of this bit depth issue. Proponents of each file type have strong […]