The Photographers Toolbox – Lightroom Keyboard Tips

Lightroom is all about good, organized workflow practices that are easy and efficient to use. Whether you’re a working photographer faced with the task of selecting and editing from thousands of photos before a deadline or an enthusiastic amateur wanting to maximize shooting time, Lightroom offers a few useful ways to speed things up. Of […]

Yeah, you’re smart – the Lightroom PhD Program

We really wish there was a PhD Program for Lightroom. That is how much time and effort we have put into this piece of software – enough to warrant a dissertation, committee review, and tenured faculty position at a prestigious University. While we can dream of such a position, day-to-day we know what Lightroom is […]

Lightroom Speed Tips – Fast, Fun, Easy

We were discussing some of our favorite Lightroom tips with some fellow photographers this weekend and we were reminded of our Tip ‘O The Week series we tucked away in the X=101 Category. Rather than keep things as a bunch of mini-posts, and in the spirit of making things EASIER for everyone to access and […]

Plug-ins Galore – Extending Lightroom

Photography can be an expensive endeavor, regardless of it you are a professional or an enthusiast. One thousand dollars can buy you Lightroom and Photoshop, with about enough money left over to buy a lunch or two. Then if you decide to add on some great plug-ins to these pieces of software, you can blow […]