dashes-versus_underscores; The Definitive Guide

The topic of spaces vs. dashes vs. underscores continues on with respect to how to use them (or not) when naming your files. We’d like to clarify the things that matter when making a choice – so you can avoid making a bad decision. So let’s get right to it, here’s what you need to […]

Split Tones Make Sweet Color Harmony

Color grading is one of those open ended subjects that is incredibly hard to perfect because of the seemingly endless amount of possibilities. With so many options it can be hard to know where to start! Many photographers have a hard time establishing a color palette and will simply resort to one of the popular […]

Cloning. Made. Easy.

A few months ago, one of my friends who is working on a book on surrealist Paris saw a photo of mine, one of the Paris shots I featured in the series of long-exposure articles. He liked the ghost effect with the Parisian backdrop, and asked me for some photos to illustrate his book. My […]

Long-Exposure Photography – Part 3 of 3

In this, the third and last installment of our series on long-exposure photography, we are going to look into three advances uses of the technique.  In Part 2 we examined how to do a basic long-exposure shot of still water. This part assumes that you are a little better equipped (with tripod and filters) and […]

Long-Exposure Photography – Part 2 of 3

Jersey City Dawn (Canon 7D, 27mm, f/13, 30s, ISO 100) Now that we’ve established in Part 1 why long-exposure photography is interesting and what it helps you achieve, I wanted to walk you through your first long-exposure shot, from location scouting all the way to post-processing. Since you might not yet know if this is […]

Importing and Backing Up Images in Lightroom – Part 3 of 4

Welcome to Part 3 of Importing and Backing Up Images in Lightroom! So far in this series we have looked at the process required to organize (Part 1) and captioning and filtering your images (Part 2) to create a simple and easy to navigate Lightroom catalog. In this tutorial, Part 3 of the series, we […]

Importing and Backing Up Images in Lightroom – Part 2 of 4

In the Part 1 of this 4 part series, we had an in depth look at how to import your images from your camera into your Lightroom catalog. We looked at how by applying presets and folder structures we could start to create an easy to navigate image storage solution. In this second part of […]