How To Get The Most Out Of ACR Presets

With the availability of XEQUALS presets for Adobe Camera RAW (ACR), you can have your post processing cake and eat it, too. XEQUALS presets for Lightroom gives you fantastic choices for applying the color and tonal look of specific kinds of film to your image. The team at XEQUALS determines the right formulas of Lightroom […]


Setting The Table With XEQUALS Color for Photoshop

So you’ve got your XEQUALS Color for Photoshop ACR Presets sitting on your machine, and you’re ready to rock right? Good! Let’s get down to business. If you’ve downloaded the product, and unzipped them to your favorite folder, you should have something like this: You should see the following files: 54 total (.xmp) files XEQUALS-adobe-camera-raw-installation.txt […]

Adobe DNG – The Future is NOW

To the modern digital photographer, the Raw data from the camera is the modern day equivalent of the traditional photographer’s negatives or slides. Everything we need to create stunning final images is provided by the single simple file, regardless of its format – be it .NEF, .CRW, .CR2, .PEF; the list goes on and on. […]

Photoshop Smart Objects – Smart Is As Smart Does

Have you ever been working up an image in Lightroom, and open it in Photoshop for final editing? Furthermore have you ever invested time in retouching said image in Photoshop only to realize that you should have processed the RAW image differently to begin with? A lot of people would just close out the image […]

Presets and Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) – A match made in Heaven

Options are good, especially when said options are free. Lightroom users have the option to use a multitude of presets to enhance their images – and most Lightroom users also have the option to use Photoshop and its native RAW processor, Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). However, not many Lightroom users are aware that they can […]