Lightning Quick Galleries

Wedding photographers shoot a lot of photos … not just a few hundred – I’m talking thousands of photos per shoot. This has always presented some unique challenges for our studio as we process images and create galleries for clients to proof our work.

One technique that we have found to work exceedingly well for previewing multiple versions of images utilizing varying presets involves some simple key commands and a few minutes in the Web Module.

Once you have chosen your rock star images and tweaked them to your liking, this technique will give you a gallery with multiple versions, ready for publication to the web, in 5 minutes or less.

Start with your selection of picks:

… slip in a quick Ctrl+’ (pc) or Cmd+’ (mac) to create some virtual copies:

Apply any presets to these versions:

.. round two is now complete …

… toss in one more quick Ctrl+’ (pc) or Cmd+’ (mac) to create another set of virtual copies:

Apply any presets to these versions:

.. round three is now complete …

Next, select all your images and head over to the Web Module:

Setup your gallery as you see fit and publish!

This process is really about quick and responsive previewing of your work, and we’re loving it!

Happy Shooting.

All photos graciously provided by Cindy Fandl

Brandon Oelling

Hi there! I'm Brandon Oelling, the founder of XEQUALS. My team and I believe deep in our hearts that inside every one of us is an amazing photographer. Our mission is to help you navigate your journey with the XEQUALS platform.