Making The Eyes Pop – Lightroom CC Update

In recent years, we’ve taught you how to make the eyes pop in Lightroom 3 and Lightroom 4, and now we’re back with a slick new way of doing it in Lightroom CC. The main functionality I’ll discuss in this update has been available since Lightroom 5, but there’s a new addition to Lightroom CC […]

Get In, Nail the Shot, Get Out

I recently shot a series of images for a local community college’s annual report. One of the more interesting—and fun—images to shoot was a dramatic portrait of a member of the women’s basketball team. The goal was to produce a portrait that displayed determination, empowerment and strength: all attributes of the athletics program, this particular […]

Making the Eyes Pop in Lightroom 4

In the past we’ve covered making the eyes pop in Lightroom 3 using adjustment brushes, but the introduction of Lightroom 4 has made the entire process much faster and less complicated. Now, using the adjustment brush too and new preset, we can achieve the same—maybe better—results than in version 3. Lightroom 4 introduced adjustment brush […]

Making the Eyes Pop in Lightroom 3

One of the most alluring parts of a portraits is the eyes. Just like meeting someone face-to-face, you search for the eyes first in a photograph as well. And since that’s where a viewer’s attention is naturally drawn, I say make them command attention. I retouch the eyes in my portraits just enough to give […]

Behind the Scenes – with Ryan Klos

I recently collaborated with a stylist and makeup artist at a local salon for some portfolio work. They also wanted portraits to hang on their walls showcasing their work. To fit with the salon’s decor, these shots needed to be edgy, but not too far from classic glamour. Here are a few final edits. The […]

What’s your setup? – Ryan Klos

I don’t know about you, but I love learning how other photographers work. From their lighting setup to post processing tips, I find it intriguing. Heck, I find it downright fascinating! You can only deconstruct an image so far without talking to the photographer who made it. Until you do, it’s speculation (even if it’s […]