Using LastPass to secure your EVERYTHING!

Securing your logins, passwords, and sensitive information you use online is an often overlooked activity that many folks don’t think too much about – until there’s a problem. There are a few tools out there that can help you meet these challenges head on, and we love one in particular is LastPass.

If you’re a business owner, it’s even more important that you secure and manage this data!

LastPass comes in handy with all sorts of protections you never even think of …

After this post, you will be able to quickly assess if LastPass is right for you – including what it takes to get going.

How does this stuff work?


Leading Encryption Technology

AES 256-bit encryption with routinely-increased PBKDF2 iterations.

That’s tech speak for strong protection for the data you store in LastPass.

Local-Only Decryption

All sensitive data is encrypted and decrypted locally before syncing with LastPass. Your key never leaves your device, and is never shared with LastPass. Your data stays accessible only to you.

Multifactor Authentication

LastPass offers numerous multifactor authentication options. By adding a second login step, you’re better protecting your account – and the information you’ve stored in it.

What do people do with it?

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Ok, so these folks love LastPass bigtime. We’re of the same mind for all the right reasons:

  • A master password keeps the key to the kingdom safe
  • Logging into a website is super simple and automated
  • Generating passwords precisely at the moment you need them is easy
  • Works in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari Browsers
  • Synchronizes across mobile devices

If you want to dive a bit deeper on this, the LastPass User Manual is very easy on the eyes and quick to describe their solution.

Beyond Basics

In addition to the above, advanced users can manage more detailed settings:

  • Manage notifications
  • Force LastPass to ignore stubborn sites
  • Create keyboard shortcuts
  • Require 2-factor authentication

Here are 11 more awesome ways to secure yourself.

Do you travel?

LastPass comes in handy with all sorts of protections you never even think of when traveling abroad.

What’s next?

Taking a trial run is easy. Simply download the LastPass software, and configure it for your favorite browser.

If you do run into any issues, LastPass has phenomenal support to help you along.

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