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Compatible with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Lightroom Classic

Vibrant overlays that add punch and impact to any image or brand

It’s time to redefine your work with authority and purpose

XEQUALS Overlays for LR

Experimentation Is A Critical Part Of The Artists Journey

Part of keeping things fresh requires that you to navigate out of your comfort zone, try something new, and ditch what always works in exchange for a renewed approach.

What you need is a break from the norm, a subtle kick in the pants that drives you to try something completely different – to experiment and play around.

Without this, things start to look formulaic, sameness starts to permeate the work, and your growth as an artist starts to slow.

Vibrant overlays that add punch and impact to any image or brand

With XEQUALS Color Overlays for Lightroom, we’ve taken duotones to a place where experimentation, attitude, and color all blend together in seamless harmony.

It’s time to try something new.

Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

The proof is in the work. Below are some before/after samples of things in action — just as you would use in your own work.

XEQUALS Purple Overlay

Purple just looks awesome, and it looks ever better when you experience how much visual punch you get when applied to your color or monochrome images.

XEQUALS Yellow Overlay

Yellow makes you happy, so start smiling.

Getting Started Is Easy

As always, we make it easy to drop these in alongside our existing XEQUALS Platform products in Lightroom.

Included in the download are the following base color overlays to get you started.

  • Yellow Overlay
  • Red Overlay
  • Green Overlay
  • Blue Overlay
  • Purple Overlay

… and don’t forget, XEQUALS Color Overlays are included for free with purchase of the XEQUALS Platform for Lightroom and Photoshop.

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