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Ohhhhhhhhhhh SNAP!

Yep, we did it. Time to go ALL IN on the XeL Platform … which is the best way to get the only COMPLETE digital darkroom and non-destructive toolkit for Lightroom.

If you bought the entire XeL Suite separately you’d drop $60 … don’t do that.

So … what’s included in the bundle?

Easy …

  1. XeL:Color
  2. XeL:Black and White

Sample Images from the Bundle


Photo by Brandon Oelling – using Kodak Vision Cine Film (Mix + Grain)


Photo by Benoît Felten – using Agfa Scala 200


Photo by Zoe Rae Oelling – using Fuji 160C (Mix + Tone + Grain)

Ghost of a Girl (Konica Super XG100)

Photo by Dominic Thurgood – using Konica Super XG100

Glen Coe (Rollei IR400)

Photo by Dominic Thurgood – using Rollei IR400

See XeL in action … with our Product Overview Video

Michael Gray walks you through how to use the XeL Tone, Mix, and Grain settings like a pro.

While what you see in this video is for XeL:Color, it represents the same approach you use across any of the XeL Products!

For the full HD experience, be sure to play the video at full screen!

Want more details on each product?

Here you go … starting with XeL:Color which  features 200+ presets with 50+ film emulations, and represents the largest compilation of color film emulations available for Lightroom.


Michael Gray walks you through the XeL:Color Product along with some sample workflows to get you started!

XeL utilizes Lightroom’s native preset capability to rapidly process your images in the style of classic film stocks.

For the full HD experience, be sure to play the video at full screen!

Learn more …

XeL:Black and White

XeL:Black and White is the culmination of a year’s worth or research, analysis, development and testing – representing a major milestone release in support of the innovative X-Equals XeL platform.

XeL:Black and White breaks free from the traditional approach to Lightroom presets – utilizing a modular approach that allows users to quickly and efficiently create stunning black and white images in a completely non-destructive RAW-based workflow.

XeL was envisioned to shift the preset paradigm from disparate one click effects, to a set of well defined – targeted presets that can be combined strategically to make specific adjustments.

The soul of the XeL platform, and XeL:Black and White, comes from our passion for traditional film and dark room techniques to bring you a collection of presets that allows you to quickly create stunning black and white images directly from within Lightroom.

Learn more …

Thank You!

All of us at X-Equals welcome your feedback and comments as we continue to focus on delivering no-nonsense advice and innovative products to keep you inspired!

My personal thanks goes out to you for taking the journey with us.

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