Lazy Man’s Auto-sync

While processing another massive batch of images, I boasted with pride to my team how Auto Sync is streamlining my workflow. All the while, I flicked my Alt, Ctrl, and Command keys like Beethoven as I waxed prophetic on my mastery of all things quick and tricky.

Then I noticed her. She had been my mistress of the night – always there but never given proper attention: the Previous button.

Previous is more like a poor man’s Auto Sync in that it works by applying the previous images develop settings to a newly selected image, thus ‘carrying over’ your adjustments. It still requires you to work image by image, and is a bit slower than Auto Sync – but has probably been staring you in the face for quite some time.

I can safely say my arsenal is complete when it comes to quickly making adjustments in succesion:

  • Auto Sync will allow me to update a series of images all at once.
  • The Alt key will toggle in and out additional Quick Develop controls.
  • Previous will allow me to work image by image and ‘carry over’ my work as I fine tune my adjustments.

As I process volumess and volumes of images, the nuances of Lightroom and it’s flexibility continue to amaze me. I expect nothing less of v2.

Until next time, here’s to your Symphony No.