Marfa Capodanno

My favorite thing about XEQUALS Black & White for Photoshop is how much work has gone into making these so simple … this allows me to get my photos right the first time – which saves me time and gets me back to shooting sooner!

Samantha Christensen

I found the Color for Photoshop presets gave me a lot of choices for a very small price tag. You’ve got dozens of film emulations at a great price and an amazing amount of choices for someone like me – the preset sissy. A number of the presets offer subtle results, which also wins points […]

Mindy Herald

I love the versatility of XEQUALS Color For Photoshop. I can simply apply one preset and it looks great! Or I can add one or more as a layer with a mask and really get creative with blending modes, opacity, and masking … it’s great to now have a way to be able to quickly […]

Jim Honaker

Aside from being easy and fun to use as well as utilitarian, they can really help spark some creativity. Colors, saturation, grain, contrast all change and really get your emotions involved.

David Rogers

Simply clicking through various settings allowed me to try on a range of “styles” getting me to a point where I may never have reached just by fudging through some sliders.

Matthew Page

Like the other XEQUALS packs, the separation of Mix/Tone/Grain is an excellent idea. Although I rarely use the grain to emulate film, I find the mix + tone makes a huge difference to the look and feel of an image. Being able to scroll through a set of presets will usually find the exact one […]

Lars Pawellek

It’s a wonderfully comprehensive spectrum of different film styles. After getting into it, I realized it’s possible to tweak the results using the separate settings for each film. The amount of control is astonishing. You can choose the easy way, combining the presets for each film or you can fine-tune your images with dedicated presets […]

C. Solomon Holmes

I never realized just how sterile digital photographs were until I started using XEQUALS presets. Only after digging into the process of how they work did I begin to discover just how many different factors contributed to the look of a single finished photograph.


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