What Skateboarding Taught Me About Style And Business

You don’t just wake up one day and decide you are going to do this. Yep, that’s me, trying not to break myself, enjoying every minute of it. I had one obsession as a kid … to master my skateboard. It took me places I never dreamed imaginable, and in turn taught me that practice, […]


5 Principles Your Photography Business Should Be Built On

So you’re ready to start taking your photography business venture seriously. Good! Let’s get you started off on the right foot. Every business begins with a solid foundation. Using these 5 principles, you’ll begin laying the groundwork for your journey! 1. Why Most Of Your Equipment Is Useless (And What Isn’t) First, let’s get down […]

Why Passion Sits At Photography’s Heart

One of the toughest situations for a writer is to find himself staring at a white computer screen wondering where to start. Photographers, on the other hand, rarely go through that process. But maybe they should. It’s easy to distract ourselves with gear acquisition and technical specifications instead of pondering our equivalent blank sheet of […]

Why Most Of Your Equipment Is Useless (And What Isn’t)

The photography profession is full of really cool gear and equipment. Photographers salivate over the latest and greatest gadgets, lighting modifiers, trigger remotes, lenses, and white balance targets. All of which they can somehow justify needing. And don’t get me started on software. But it’s not all necessary. After a decade of shooting professionally, and […]

Build The Watermark People Talk About

We previously discussed what makes a good watermark and how it can help potential clients find the real you. Now, let’s get down to business using Lightroom and Photoshop to construct our watermarks! Lightroom’s Simple Copyright Watermark Lightroom’s Simple Copyright Watermark pulls text from each image’s Copyright metadata field and renders it in the lower […]