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Thu, Feb 25, 2010

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First, a few words about input devices

There are a multitude of ways to interface your hands with Lightroom: Mouse, Tablet, Touchpad, RPG Keys – all good ways to get your nerve impulses into Lightroom to do your handy work!

When we’re dialing in a specific batch of images – diving head first into the Develop Module, we often turn to an old mainstay – the mouse. The cool thing is that Lightroom has some nice integration with the scroll wheel on a mouse.

Mice play nice …

This is our favorite mouse integration*.

(*there may be other cool integrations with Lightroom similar to this one, but we don’t know what they are. Enlighten us in the comments below)

When it comes to Spot Removal, this one rocks!

1 . Head over to the Develop Module

2. Select the Spot removal brush


We’re always annoyed with trying to use the sliders to set brush size:


Instead, when activated, use the scroll wheel on your mouse to set brush size:


That’s it! Total timesaver!

The mice we love

When it comes to picking a mouse that offers you both the proper ergonomics and precision, one need to look no further than a gaming mouse.

Why a gaming mouse? Easy:

  • built for speed (how does 5,600 DPI sound?)
  • built for long-term use (designed with hours and hours of use in mind)
  • durable (they just work)
  • smooth (teflon anyone?)


Razer Copperhead Wireless Laser Mouse

For a wired mouse, you can’t beat the price/performance on the Copperhead. Included are some super smooth teflon feet that go onto the bottom of the mouse and it feels like butter all day long.


Mamba Wireless Laser Mouse

We were convinced that a wired mouse was the only way to get the fast response times and DPI we were used to, then Razer dropped the Mamba onto the world. This mouse is insane!

Fully Ergo

The other thing to consider is the ergonomics of the mouse which should work to help combat repetitive stress injuries. That doesn’t mean you can bang away for 18 hours a day without a break, but for long term use these mice are the most comfortable we’ve ever used (and we’ve tried dozens of brands). The thing we like about the Razer line is they are built for speed and comfort.

What else?

What other mouse and/or input device tricks for Lightroom are out there? These seem to be undocumented across the board. Share below in the comments!

|Brandon Oelling
X-Equals – image, workflow, technology, business

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Mike Nelson Pedde Says:

    Hi There: Scrolling the mouse wheel also works with brush size with the Adjustment Brush. Another handy tip for the Adjustment Brush is to hold down the Shift key while using the brush – this constrains mouse movement to 90 degree angles and draws straight lines too. Handy for horizontal and vertical edges. In the Develop module, holding down the space bar while clicking with the mouse will zoom in/out (handy if using the brush, clone tool, etc) but holding down the spacebar while scrolling with the mouse wheel will scroll the image up/down (when zoomed in of course).


    P.S. I’m not sure if you’re aware of it, but you’re on my Lightroom Links page: http://bit.ly/4XuaXE

  2. Brandon Oelling Says:

    Thanks Mike!

    And ROCK ON for the linky links!

  3. Mike Nelson Pedde Says:

    A couple more. In Develop, hold down the Option or Alt key and click on a panel title like WB, Tone, Presence,Sharpening, Noise Reduction, etc to reset all of the sliders in that panel, i.e. Alt/Option-click on Tone will reset Exposure, Recovery, Fill Light, Blacks, Brightness and Contrast.

    In any module, Alt/Option clicking on a panel name (like Basic or Tone Curve in the Develop module, or Keywording or Metadata in the Library module)will put all of the panels in that frame into solo mode. In solo mode if you open one section (like Tone Curve), the rest of the panels in that frame will close. Opening Vignettes will close Tone Curve, etc. To reset, Alt/Option click on the panel name again.

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