Why we love Presets

I recently printed some 11×14 black and whites for our house and I had to marvel at just how quickly I could leverage Lightroom 2.0, RPG Keys, and our famous super+punch preset to generate some stunning black and whites. My entire workflow from original RAW to final JPEG was 5 minutes.

Here are some quick before/after shots:

… and the second image:

The mood of these images goes from bland to dark and edgy in a matter of minutes. Since we’ve spent years now building our catalog of distinct x=presets and looks, our ability to deliver a specific look is endless.

The best part for you is … we make our production presets available for free.

The key takeaway from this is to understand that the pieces and parts for a highly automated workflow are now all in place for photographers. By developing your visual style in Lightroom, committing those adjustments as presets for later use, and leveraging a consistent and targeted workflow, the speed and accuracy of developing and delivering your images can be astoundingly fast.

The sooner we can deliver a client project – while keeping tight control over image quality, the sooner we get paid, the happier the customer, and the higher our margins.

|Brandon Oelling
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  1. Nigel Honey Says:

    That totally transforms those pics :)

    What sharpening method do you use? I usually open the image into PS and use the unsharp mask in there, it seems better than the LR sharpening….?

  2. Brandon Oelling Says:

    Great question Nigel.

    I normally use the sharpening tool in Lightroom although for this particular set of images I used Unsharp Mask in Photoshop.

    I have noticed that when sending jobs to Kodak (http://www.kodakgallery.com/) the Unsharp Mask is required to tighten up the edges properly for a superb print.


  3. Nigel Honey Says:

    It would be perfect if they included the USM from PS into lightroom, then I would barely need to use PS any more. Which I guess is part of their reasoning…

  4. Kevin Says:

    I strongly recommend Wonderland Presets 3.0. http://www.wonderlandpresets.com My wife got these for me and I now have the preset bug. Thanks for all the free presets here. It has really changed my workflow and the way I use Lightroom.

  5. {x=} Says:

    Thanks for the kind words Kevin!

    |Brandon Oelling

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