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Tue, Jul 17, 2012

Best Practices, Lightroom, Presets, Workflow

We’re psyched to launch the XeL Education Center!

If you’re a new Customer, or a prospective customer trying to get a feel for what XeL is, and how it differs from the abundance of free non-professional Presets out there, this is the place!

Simply put, here’s the knowledge bomb on how to take your workflow to the next level with all the power, simplicity, and flexibility that comes with X-Equals XeL – the Professional Standard in Film Emulation and post-processing in Lightroom!

Product Overview Video

Michael Gray walks you through the XeL:Color Product along with some sample workflows to get you started!

For the full HD experience, be sure to play the video at full screen!

Need help with installation or support in general? We have you covered!

X-Equals XeL breaks free from the traditional approach to Lightroom presets, and that’s a GOOD thing!

… utilizing a modular approach that allows users to quickly and efficiently create images in a completely non-destructive RAW-based workflow.

How does that differ? … well here you go!

Understand XeL, and how it’s uniquely focused on bringing razor sharp precision to your workflow along with your favorite films:

Don’t have XeL yet?

Well, come on now! Let’s get you dialed in!

Comments, feedback, etc.

What should we be providing in the XeL Education Center to make sure you’re successful? Drop us a line!

Are you still having trouble?

No problem, If you have any questions or need product support you can email us below.

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