Ryan Klos Reviews – “… some of the best and most useful presets I’ve used to date.”

Tue, Mar 16, 2010


Ryan Klos over at Klos Photography has written a nice primer on why and how he is using our Preset Platform in his workflow.

We’re convinced the next step in the evolution of Presets is to think of them as the supporting structures of an interchangeable platform that can exist as a foundation for being both creative and ultra-productive.

Even though we sell this foundation directly from here, keep in mind we have a ton of free presets here (scroll down a bit) if you want to test out some of our work.

If you’re new to Presets in Lightroom, start small with the Cold Storage collection for only $9.99. As you grow into the platform and understand it’s nuances, expand the system with the addition of the Creative Production Collection for an easy $14.99 when you’re ready.

The idea is to get inspired, speed up your workflow and unleash your creative juices. If you have any issue whatsoever, or just want to jam on ideas, drop us a line.

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  1. James Arendell Says:

    Good morning

    I recently purchased your presets and put them to immediate use.I sometimes put my photos on to a U.K. based website, and within three days I got two Highly recommended awards from the editor! obviously the photo content was important, but the finishing touches were using your pre-sets.

    If your curious and want to have a gander at the photos,you can find them on the blog address supplied above, just go into the drop-down menu and hit the “Through my Eyes” folder to see some of results that were achived using X-Equals goodies.


  2. Brandon Oelling Says:


    That is AWESOME!


    Rock On!