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Wed, Mar 14, 2012


What we are looking for

We’re currently looking for guest bloggers to develop content for the following topics:

  • Photoshop (tips, shortcuts, tutorials, videos, workflows)
  • Lightroom (tips, shortcuts, tutorials, videos, workflows)
  • Digital Asset Management (file management, storage, archiving, exporting, etc.)
  • Lightroom and Photoshop add-on product reviews
  • Hardware reviews (data storage, scanners, cameras, lenses, best practices, etc.)
  • Photography business related tips, advice, and products
  • Marketing and Social Networking

We’re also looking for simple, easy to implement ideas to support our X=101 section as well as multi-part posts to support our X=Series section.

Working for free sucks

One thing is for certain, pouring your time and effort into a topic, generating the screenshots, proofing the content, and preparing to publish isn’t easy, so we will continue to make working with us worth your while.

We offer payment for your work, and always toss in a lifetime supply of all our products in the shop – including all future releases.

Working for free sucks, and we’re not going to ask you to do that.

Getting started is easy

We’d love to hear from you, discuss your ideas, and collaborate with you to develop top-notch content for our community.

We’re always open to discussing possible topic ideas and approaches so feel free to reach out for whatever reason to help get the gears moving!

Please use this form as a first step in getting onboard with X=. Please place the words “Guest Blogger” in the subject line below so we can respond to you quickly.

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