Mastering HSL in Lightroom – Part 2 of 3

In Part 1 of Mastering HSL in Lightroom, we covered exactly what the HSL is and how it is used. If you spent some time experimenting with the Color Checker DNG we provided you should have some sense of how Hue, Saturation and Luminance interact with the different colors. If not, jump back to Part […]

Taking a byte out of bit depth – Jpeg vs. RAW

Should I shoot RAW or should I shoot JPEG? That is the eternal question digital photographers struggle with day after day. Take a look at any photography message board or Flickr group and you will likely find a heated discussion weighing both sides of the issue. Proponents of each file type have strong arguments in […]

Composition – A Modern Twist

Guest blogger Michelle Moore takes on a topic that doesn’t get discussed as often as it should: Composition. If you’re not familiar with Michelle’s work we suggest you check out her perpetually insightful post on working with Natural Light. This girl has serious talent! Luckily for us all, Michelle is also good on a keyboard, […]


Here's how to give your images depth of emotion, not just depth of field. #photographyproblems…